Sunday, 17 January 2010

+ Stowe Garden

Charles Bridgeman's plan of Stowe, as it appeared in Views of Stowe, 1739, published by Sarah Bridgeman. The area by the ouse, in the lower part of the plan, contains 'Dutch' canals and parterres, while the upper part derives from the Forest Style.

Waddesdon Manor

Temple of British Worthies

Rotunda with statue of Aphrodite at Stowe Landscape Gardens

Map locations
1. Concord and Victory
2. Grotto
3. Gothic Temple
4. Temple of British Worthies
5. Temple of Ancient Virtue
6. Palladian Bridge
7. Chinese House
8. Temple of Friendship
9. East Lake Pavilion
10. West Lake Pavilion
11. Articial Ruins
12. Stowe House
Stowe House

Temple of Ancient Virtue

Temple of British Worthies

Palladian Bridge

Gothic Temple


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