Wednesday, 6 January 2010

+ Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocian Volcanic Province is characterized by several ignimbritic eruptions that extend large areas with different properties such as thickness and welding. One of the most distinguished features of these ignimbrites is the development of fairy chimneys which are erosional landforms of ignimbrites developed in certain localities within the Cappadocia.
Fairy chimneys formed at different ignimbrites have different shape and size. Both geological and geomorphologic factors played roles on the formation of the fairy chimneys. Evolution of the chimneys occurs in two stages. The first stage is the formation of a suitable surface over which the fairy chimneys are formed. Three main factors that control the formation this surface are degree of welding, thickness of the ignimbrite and amount of topographic slope. In the second stage several other factors play roles to shape the fairy chimneys. (Sayin, 2008)(
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