Sunday, 27 December 2009

+ Shinkenchiku Residental design Competition 2009
Theme: The Residence From Our Having Lived the Movie Century

A little more than a century ago, the first motion picture was shown before an audience. Thereafter, “the movie” grew with tremendous vitality as a medium. In the course of the 20th century, countless movies were filmed in virtually every nation in the world, and countless people attended theaters to see them. Today, the movie has become an integral part of our everyday reality. Since the advent of the movie, we have changed in the way we see and think about things.

This change in our perceptions, nevertheless, is not yet sufficiently reflected in the character of our architecture. Even today, a static image—the photograph—is the primary medium used for showing buildings and communicating architectural design. Even buildings essentially born from sensibilities and modes of thought fostered by movies and dynamic images are disseminated using static images. This reliance on photography may be one obstacle to needful change.

In truth, that obstacle is currently dissipating, owing to the Internet’s growing capacity for video transmission. This being the case, architecture suiting our perceptions and ways of thinking as people who have lived and fully digested the movie century may soon hereafter begin to appear. Architecture that can only be seen from a moving perspective? Architecture that transcends the architectural diagrams? Architecture as story? What are the possibilities from our perspective as people who have lived the movie century? This competition seeks residential design proposals that respond to that question. (

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