Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Crime in Lavender Hill

A disabled man who found a loaded revolver in a playground was told by officers to carry it two-and-a-half miles to a police station.
John Leary found the weapon, which was linked to a gangland shooting, inside a plastic bag on the Hemans estate in Stockwell, south London .
Disabled Mr Leary, 51, said: 'I was going to hang the bag on the railings until I felt its weight.
'When I looked inside there was a big revolver, a passport and some cash. It had a long barrel and I could see the chambers were loaded. There was no question of leaving it where kids play.'
Immediately after finding the revolver he was confronted by gang members who tried to get him to hand it over. But he refused and called police.

Tribute To Battersea Stab Victim
6:25am UK, Sunday August 03, 2008
The family of a young woman who was stabbed to death in a vibrant London street today have paid tribute to their "beautiful, charming, sweet, and popular" loved one.

Two shootings in Battersea in two hours - two injured
9:36am Thursday 10th September 2009
By Eleanor Harding »

Two men are seriously ill after two shooting incidents within hours of each other in Battersea last night.
Shortly afterwards, at around 6.40pm, officers found a van in Lavender Hill near Mossbury Road with gunshot damage.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Police tell man to walk two miles with loaded gun he found in playground after officers refuse to collect it
By Daily Mail Reporter
26th October 2009

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